Legal notice and conditions of use

BANK BILBAO VIZCAYA ARGENTARIA, S.A. ("BBVA") provides to the users (the "User" or the "Users") of the present website (the "Website) the following general information details, in accordance with the article 10 of the Act 34/2002, of 11 July, of Services of the Information society and of E-commerce (the "LSSI").

Legal processing

Socialdenomination: Bank Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A. 

Tax ID Code (NIF): VAT NUMBER to-48265169 

Registered office: Plaza St Nicolás 4, 48005 Bilbao 

Enrollment in the Mercantile Register : BBVA is registered in the Mercantile Register of Vizcaya, Tome 2,083, Folio 1, Leaf BI-17-A, enrollment first 

Email of contact: For any enquiry, the user can get in touch with BBVA via the email address

Below, terms and conditions of use of the Website are explained (the "Conditions of Use "), whose Users should fulfill at all times.

Acceptance of the conditions of use

The current Conditions of Use regulate the use of the Website that BBVA offers the Users. 

The Conditions of Use together with the Legal Notice, the Personal Data processing and the Policy of Cookies as a whole constitute the terms and conditions that they govern the access and use of the public share of the Website ("terms and Conditions of the Website "). Clients of the Bank have access to the private area of the Website, previous signing of the contract multi-channel; or, for the use and access to the private area of BBVA NET CASH via the Website, the Adhesion contract to the Telematic Services.

The access and use of the Website by the User supposes that this accepts in its entirety and is compelled to fulfill completely Terms and Conditions of the Website. Therefore, the User owes read carefully the current Conditions of Use as well as remaining Terms and Conditions of the Website in each of the occasions in which sets out to use the Website, since these can suffer modifications that they would be communicated to the User with the new access. BBVA reserves the right to update, modify or delete the current Terms and Conditions of the Website.

Conditions of use of the website

The User is compelled to do a good use of the Website, understanding for good use that which is in agreement with the current legislation, good faith and public safety. Similarly, the User promises to not use the Website with fraudulent purposes, as well as to not carry out conduct one that could damage the image, the interests and BBVA's rights or third-party. Similarly, the User promises to not carry out act one in order to damaging, disable or overload the Website, or that it impeded, anyway, the normal use and its operation. 

It learns more to the User of that, if it breaks the content or the obligations that are derived of Terms and Conditions of the Website or of whatever other collected terms or special conditions in the Website, BBVA reserves the right to limit, suspend or end its access to the Website, adopting any technical measure that it is necessary to this end. Similarly, BBVA the possibility of practicing is reserved such measures in the event that it suspects reasonably that the User is damaging any of collected terms in the Terms and Conditions of the Website or of whatever other collected terms or special conditions in the Website. 

BBVA reserves the right to update, modify or delete the information contained in the Website, including the contents and/or services that in him are integrated, being able to even limit or not allow the access to this information, at any time and without prior notice. Especially, BBVA reserves the right to delete, limit or impede the access to the Website when they emerge technical hitches because of facts or circumstances unaware of BBVA that, to its criterion, decrease or they cancel the adopted safety levels or standards for the suitable operation of the above-mentioned Website. For this purpose, BBVA the faculty is reserved of, at all times, decide on the continuity of the information society's services that provides via the Website. 

Content of the website

The intellectual and industrial property rights on the Website, including the willingness of the contents of the same, the sui generis right on the underlying databases, User's graphic design and interface of the Website (look & feel), the underlying computer programs (included the source and object codes), as well as different elements that integrate the Website (texts, charts, photographs, videos, sound recordings, etc.) (the "Contents"), correspond to BBVA or to its licenciantes. With respect to the distinctive signs included in the Website (brands and trade manes) the same are BBVA's ownership or of its licenciantes. 

The use of the Website by the User does not suppose the cession of right one of copyright and/or industrial on the Website, the Contents and/or BBVA's distinctive signs. For this purpose, through the current Conditions of Use, except for in those suppositions in which is legally allowed or it mediates previous authorisation of BBVA, is expressly forbidden to the User the reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, made available, extraction and/or reuse of the Website, its Contents and/or BBVA's distinctive signs or of whatever other built in third parties to the Website. BBVA is reserved the possibility of practicing the legal actions that they correspond against the Users that violate or breach the intellectual property rights and/or industrial. 

BBVA gives, to the Users that respect Terms and Conditions of the Website an authorisation to use the Website, with non exclusive character, during the maximum period of validity of the intellectual and industrial property rights according to establishes the applicable standard (except for in case it recesses its access to the Website for justified cause) and with the aim of that the User can use the Website in accordance with the present document.

Similarly, BBVA DECLARES the following thing:

  • The information contained in the Website has informative aim, and it does not give any type of recommendation, not being able to consider in no case as a legal aid, district attorney, financial, of investment, technical, nor offer or guarantee by BBVA, nor he owes be expert as a recommendation to carry out operations, nor it will constitute the base for a takeover of decision in a certain address, declining BBVA all accountability for the use that of the information contained in the Website can do to that effect, and of specific shape has understand that this information, subjected to the current regulations in Spain, does not go set aside for those Users that they act low other jurisdictions of other States that they demand the fulfillment of different requirements for the made available, information disclosure or advertising of this kind. 
  • The information supplied by BBVA it does not constitute a technical opinion in the Website of BBVA. 
  • BBVA is not done person responsible for that the information contained in the Website replies to the expectations of the User. BBVA does not answer of the truthfulness, accuracy, suficiencia, entirety or update of the information that they are not of own elaboration and which another source is indicated. BBVA person in charge is neither done of the opinions or comments that they can appear in Website, since, or they would be able to be made by the Users in a personal capacity, or come of the sources that are indicated. 
  • BBVA reserves the right to update, modify or delete the information contained in the Website in the special terms previously, not assuming commitment one of communicating changes nor modify its content. The User RECOGNISES And ACCEPTS BBVA's statements previous and additionally, GUARANTEES the fulfillment of the standard that it is him of application as User of this Website. 

Establishment of links with the Website

Is forbidden the establishment of links travelling to the Website, unless the same one has previously been authorised by BBVA. In any case, once authorised the link by BBVA, the same one owe establish in following terms: 

  • The link will not be able to consist of frames or frames that allow the visualisation of the Website via addresses of Internet different than those of the Website or that of any other way show jointly the information of the Website with the included in other websites. 
  • Will not be made from the website that introduces the link (the "Space Enlazador") any type of false demonstration, inaccurate or incorrect on the Website and/or BBVA. 
  • In no case the authorisation given by BBVA means that: (i) BBVA sponsors, collaborate, verify or it supervises the content and/or the services that are provided via the Space Enlazador; nor (ii) that BBVA is in way one person responsible for the content of the Space Enlazador. 
  • The Space Enlazador owe fulfill faithfully with the Act and it will not be able to in no case hold contents, own or third-party, that: (i) are illicit, damaging of third-party rights, harmful, denigrantes, violent, inadequate or of any other converse way to the morals, to the uses and to good habits (pornographic, racists, etc.); (ii) induce or they can induce in the User the false conception of that BBVA subscribes, backs, adheres or by any means supports, the ideas, demonstrations or expressions, licit or illicit of the sender; and (iii) result inappropriate or not pertinent in relation to the activity of BBVA. 

In the event of non-compliance of any of the earlier enunciated terms, BBVA will be able to adopt the appropriate legal actions for this purpose. 

Linked spaces

In order to helping to the User to find further information, BBVA would be able to include various technical devices of links that allowing the User access other websites (the "Linked"Spaces). In such cases, BBVA acts as a service provider of intermediation, according to the article 17 of the LSSI. In accordance with it considered in the aforementioned legislation, BBVA will not be person responsible for the facilitated services and contents via the Linked Spaces, unless it has effective knowledge of the illicitness and it has not deactivated the link with the owed diligence. 

In no case the existence of Linked Spaces involves recommendation, promotion, identification or compliance of BBVA with the demonstrations, contents or services well-proportioned via the Linked Spaces. As a result, BBVA is not done person responsible for the content of the Linked Spaces, nor of its conditions of use and privacy policies, being the User the only person responsible for check them and accept them every time that it accesses and it uses the same.

Illegal character activity communication and inadequate

If the User or any other Internet user had knowledge of that any kind of information or content of the Website or facilitated via the same one is illicit, damaging of third-party rights, harmful, denigrante, violent, inadequate, opposite to that established in the current Conditions of Use or, of any other way, opposite to the morals, uses and good habits, will be able to get in touch with BBVA indicating following extremes: 

  • personal details of the communicating one: name, address, phone number and e-mail address; 
  • description of the facts that reveal the illegal character or inadequate of the content or information as well as the particular direction in which is available; 
  • in the event of third-party rights violation, such as copyright and industrial, will have provide the holder details of the breached right when it is different person of the communicating one. Similarly owe contribute the title that proves the ownership of the rights violated and, where applicable, the representation to act payable by the holder when it is different person of the communicating one. 

The reception by BBVA of the communication considered in this clause will not suppose the effective knowledge of the activities and/or contents indicated by the communicating one when it does not result well-known or evident. In any case, BBVA reserves the right of suspending or dropping the contents that, even being not illicit, result opposites to the standards established in these Conditions of Use, weighing in legal the goods each case in conflict. 

BBVA's accountability

The User owes know that the communications via open nets are exposed to a plurality of threats that does that they are not sure. Is accountability of the User adopt all the suitable technical measures to control reasonably these threats and, between them, the have updated systems of detection of catty software, such as virus, Trojan, etc., as well as have updated patches of security of corresponding web browsers. For more information can see the Safety policy of BBVA or attend to its service supplier from access to Internet that it will be able to provide him suitable solutions to its needs. With the maximum range allowed by the applicable law, BBVA does not takes responsibility for the caused damages to the User as a result of risks inherent to the means employed, nor of the ones brought about by the vulnerabilities in its systems and tools. BBVA does not guarantee neither the total security of its systems and although has adopted security measures suitable, can not reject completely the existence of vulnerabilities and, as a result, the User owes be cagey in the interactuación with the Website. 

In particular, BBVA will not be person responsible for: 

  • The damages of any caused type in the IT equipment of the User for virus, maggots, Trojan or any other harmful element. 
  • The damages of any caused type to the User that they bring cause in mistakes or disconnections in the telecom networks that they produce the suspension, cancellation or interruption of the service of the Website during its provision. In this regard, the User recognises that the access to the Website requires of services supplied by third parties unaware of the control of BBVA (as example: operators of telecom networks, access providers, etc.) whose reliability, quality, continuity and operation do not correspond to BBVA, nor is part of its accountability guarantee the availability of the service. 
  • Of the third-party information in the cases in which BBVA acts as a service provider of intermediation in the given meaning for the LSSI, except for when it arises effective knowledge and the corresponding information has not been withdrawn. 

BBVA neither be person responsible for the damages, direct or indirect, that they could suffer the Users for an inadequate use of this Website or of its content, not assuming neither commitment one of communicating changes nor modify its content.

Personal data protection

The aspects regarding the processing of the Users' personal details on the occasion of the use of the Website are found regulated in the document Data processing Staffs.

Use of Cookies

Just as other commercial content websites, the Website uses a technology called "cookies". In the Policy of Cookies is available for the User detailed information on how uses BBVA the cookies.

For more information consults the Policy of Cookies.

For more information on the employed cookies in the access to and BBVA's use NET CASH consults the Policy of specific Cookies.

Applicable law

In accordance with the article 3 of the LSSI, the applicable laws to services of the information society that BBVA provides via the Website will be those of Spain. Therefore, in all question litigiosa that it concerns to the present Website or to whatever conflicts around the same one between the Registered User and BBVA, will be of application the Spanish legislation.