Activate or deactivate cards

You do not find your card? Turn off her temporarily from your mobile phone.

What is Turns off or turns on your cards?

  • This service you allow activating or deactivate your cards, and you will be able to decide the use that him give to the same from the website or the app of BBVA. In addition will be able to restrict its operations, for example, to the dropped out of money, discrediting the online purchases or deshabilitando the payments abroad.

    To use it owe:

    • Access your "Overall Position ".
    • Select your card and click in operations.
    • Limit the operations on the basis of your needs.

    Both the activation and the deactivation carry out to your cards at any time can revert following the same process.

    See video

Your bank in the mobile phone with the app of BBVA

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