BBVA Cashup

Sends mobile money from to mobile phone with bizum while you chat with your friends.

Sends money via any messaging application.

  • 2 Easy and immediate. 
  • 2 So simple as send an emoji. 
  • 2 You can use it in any messaging application. 

What is BBVA Cashup?

  • Is being able to send mobile money from to mobile phone via bizum, right away and without going out of the application from which are chatting with your friends.

    You will be able to pay your part of the dinner or a present half each at once, although do not take money top. As easy as sending an emoji, and without having to know the account number!

    Only need its mobile phone number or choose it between your contact list. If your friend has bizum the money him arrives at its account, be of the bank that it is, right away. 

    Enters the app BBVA and clicks in bizum in the drop-down menu. Once there, active BBVA Cashup, and ready! You can already start to use it in any messaging application.

    If you want find out more about bizum click here .

    Enquiry here the guide to install and select BBVA Cashup in your mobile phone.

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Your bank in the mobile phone with the app of BBVA

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