Google Pay

Pay with your card BBVA in a fast way and chest of drawers in shops with POS contactless, websites and apps.

Pay with your mobile Android in shops, without the need for take out your card.

  • 2 Adds your card BBVA to Google Pay from the app.
  • 2 Purchase in websites and app, without having type in your details every time.
  • 2 Your payments are completely sure. 

What is Google Pay?

  • Start to use Google Pay to do your purchases is very easy. Only need add your Cards BBVA to Google Pay. In addition, can do it directly from the app of BBVA without the need for install you another app. Is so simple as decide with what card want pay, select her from the "Overall position " of the app and click the button "Shape Google Pay".

    What are you waiting for to add your Card BBVA to Google Pay and enjoy all its advantages?

    • Pay with your mobile Android in physical shops without the need for take nothing else. To do it will only have turn on the screen of your mobile phone and bring closer it to the POS. 
    • Pay in websites and apps without having type in the number of your card in every purchase. It is so comfortable as search the logo of Google Pay and click the button to select this fee-based system. 
    • Purchase in a sureway. When you use Google Pay to carry out your payments, the actual information of your card is never shared with the trade, but instead that is sent in its place an encrypted only number for operation. 

    Enquiry what cards you can add to Google Pay in the app of BBVA or in BBVA Wallet. The list of cards of BBVA that you can not include in Google Pay is collected in the Terms and conditions of BBVA-Google Pay. 

    Google Pay is a trademark of Google LCC. To pay with the app of BBVA is necessary that the cardholder BBVA has a compatible Android device.

    See Google video Pay

Your bank in the mobile phone with the app of BBVA

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