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Invests in the stock market with our tools' assistance and specialised services.
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BBVA you maintains a day of economic current affairs when more it need to lean on your financial decisions.

BBVA platform Trader

Operates for only€3 in national market with a platform adapted to every investing profile.

Fast, simple and available platform from any device. In addition:
  • Special rates* on national and international markets until 09/30/2020.

The promotion is valid for clients or new clients that do not have deposited securities in BBVA.

Reasoned accounts to invest in the stock market

Specialised tools and services

Legal information

(*) Special fares of launch corresponding to a promotion. Valid promotion for new clients or clients that they go through a securities account, or they do not have deposited securities in BBVA. To enjoy this promotion, once have you registered as a client in BBVA Trader, is necessary that you send an email to the address indicating your ID number. Offer valid for customers who sign up through 09/30/2020. The special rates are good through 12/31/2020. These fares do not include canons applied by the stock exchanges, rates, taxes or tariffs that they set the statutory authorities for every instrument or market.

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