Pension plans

You help to plan the future that you want.

Chooses the plan that better is adapted to your needs

How many years have?
  • Between 50 and 60 years
  • Less than 50 years
  • More than 60 years
  • I am already retired
Which is your risk profile?
  • Tall
  • Low
  • Middle
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Deductions of the PERSONAL INCOME TAX of each autonomous community

Enquiry easily the deductions in the income of the autonomous community in which live.

Achieves until 3% for bringing your plan

Goes through to BBVA a plan of another company and you will obtain until 3% of the amount that you go through.

Run away with until 3% when bringing your pension plan to BBVA

Chooses as contribute to your plan and enjoys all the advantages

  • Shapes a contribution on a regular basis and saves comfortably.
  • Carries out a contribution to your pension plan when better you avenges.

How imagine your life in the future?

With BBVA Future Planner you help to plan you so that you can live as you want.

You help to prepare your future

Contract a pension plan with BBVA

Save for your retirement is fundamental. BBVA you offers a broad pension plans variety according to your age and your investment profile. If you have already decided you to contract your plan, chooses that which better is adapted to your needs and benefit from the discounts for external internal transfers to the plans that they are in campaign.

The contributions are deductible of the general basis of assessment of the PERSONAL INCOME TAX (until the set limits in the tax legislation) in your annual tax return. 

Of course, before contracting enquiry alerts of liquidity, the fundamental risk indicator and document present in each one of our plans.